Virtual Learning for Preschoolers

Education Made Fun While Safe at Home

About Us

Teacher Jess provides virtual education for preschool-aged children. The aim is to ensure learners attain and maintain educational standards and developmental milestones in a fun and age-appropriate manner, while staying safe at home.

The children in these classes learn about interesting topics; develop appropriate skills and tools while making friends and having fun. The Teacher Jess services offer some structure to the child's day while still being flexible enough to be incorporated into existing routines.

The online classes focus on the core of what 'school' should be - a place where children are loved and valued, where they can learn and develop organically in a way that is fun, social and enriching.
About Us

What's Included

'Ring Time' Meetings

Four times per week, we meet for 20-30 mins of fun and interactive learning. There are up to eight children per class.

'Class Party' Meetings

Once per week, we meet for 20-30 mins. Each party is based on the weekly theme and is always LOADS of fun!

'Check In' Meetings

Once per week, we meet for 10-15 minutes. This is a smaller group chat for more individualized attention and socialization.

'Art Explained' Videos

One short video per day for child and auntie/parent to follow in order to complete each art/craft activity.

'Story Time' Videos

Three videos per week of "Story Time". A great way to build language skills and a love for reading.

'Music and Movement' Videos

Two videos per week of "Music and Movement" fun. This is to build musicality and gross motor skills.

Lesson Plans

Including fun and age-appropriate activities for each week day.

Class Recording

Available should you have to miss a class or would like to go over certain concepts.

Guidance and Support

Help with activities, difficulties, new behavior- whatever you need.

Your Teacher

"My passion, very simply, is to teach. My education and experience allow me to teach aptly, while my personality and interests enable me to teach holistically and intuitively. 

My degree in early childhood education taught me a lot of what I know about children's development- what they need and how I can teach it to them. My certification in Montessori education taught me how to facilitate a student-led classroom, giving value to the innate knowledge of each child. My certification and experience in Yoga for children has shown me how to nurture a child's spirit and help them build a strong sense of self. Finally, my lifetime of experience in education has shown me that each and every child is totally unique, with special traits and interests that need to be valued and encouraged." 

-Jessica Simeonides
Your Teacher

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