Education with Intention

Educational Consultant in the ECD sector


Teaching and Tutoring

I teach the holistic child with respect for unique interests; needs and abilities. My aim is to teach in a way that transcends barriers and fulfills potential.

Curriculum Development

Creating, adjusting and improving the curriculum and assessments to ensure you are meeting the needs of all learners holistically and intentionally.

Staff Development & Training

For teachers; teaching aides and caregivers. Ensuring they offer the highest quality education and interactions with your children.

Family Support

Guidance and support for intentional parenting techniques to ensure you are giving your child the best while maintaining your balance.

ECD Business Development

For schools; day cares and child care centers. Looking at the whole picture and ensuring you are portraying and running the business as optimally as possible.

My Approach

My passion is to teach and to inspire. I fulfill my passion with absolute respect for individuality and with emphasis on holistic development.

I believe that children are innately whole and that an organic and independent learning environment leads to the enhancement of these natural characteristics. I believe that this provides the best opportunity for the fulfilment of a child’s potential.

Schools; teachers; caregivers; parents and family members all contribute to how the child thinks and feels and ultimately who the child will become. It is of utmost importance that each role player becomes aware and intentional about their interactions with the child. I offer my services to achieve exactly that.

My approach makes use of tools such as educational psychology; practical philosophy; Montessori methodology; the study of learning barriers and an understanding of yogic and ayurvedic wellness.



PGD, Psychology of Education

UNISA, South Africa (currently studying)


BEd, Early Childhood Development

UNISA, South Africa


Montessori Methodology and Philosophy

KHT Montessori, USA


Dr Charles Potter Approach to Learning

Dr Charles Potter, South Africa


Practical Philosophy

Practical School of Philosophy, South Africa


Yoga and Holistic Wellness

Rishikul Yogshala, India


Ayurvedic Wellness

Ananda Sanga, South Africa

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